Encouraging people to collaborate is a core aim of the Great Science Share for Schools. The benefits of working together far outweigh any challenges, and often result in a release of creative ideas.

Stemming from the European City of Science’s 2016 Great Science Share Steering Group, the interest to bring STEM Education providers together through this campaign has developed. Collaborations can enliven and enrich activity towards STEM learning across the sector by sharing practice. Teachers benefit through raised awareness of what is available to them, in formal and informal learning settings, and having a go-to place to find things out.

Who can take part? Any person, group or organisation involved in enhancing STEM Education provision for Early Years, primary and secondary education, HE and FE.

Does it matter where I am based? Currently the group reaches groups across the North West. We are keen to find out about whether similar groups exist in other areas of the country and across the UK. We are willing to work to profile other groups via this website.

Greater Manchester STEM Collaborative

When does it happen? Two face-to-face meetings per year. Next date: 14th February 2019, 2-4pm, The University of Manchester

How do I take part? Sign up here for the next meeting or ask for more information at fascinate@manchester.ac.uk

GM STEM Education Calendar provides a regularly updated schedule of events and activities that are happening across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Widnes.