The Great Science Groove

The 2018 Great Science Share Anthem

Developed in collaboration with The Derby High School (Bury) and Encore - the Bury youth choir!

We acknowledge the support of Lynn Provoost, James Holt and Millie Hall.

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One of the key values of the Great Science Share for Schools is to cross boundaries and forge new associations. Through the Arts, with music, song and dance we have achieved this, enabling young people to share science in ever engaging ways. 

Your challenge, if you date to take it!

Listen, practise and sing you groove at your Great Science Share for Schools. Share the rehearsals or the real thing with us using #GreatSciShare

1) Download the lyrics here

2) Hear the song to help you practice

3. Sing the song to the backing track here

Arrangement by James Holt.

‘When Ideas Come Alive’

- an exploration of scientific enquiry

This newly choreographed dance is inspired by the journey of Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection from idea to publication. The dance explores scientific enquiry through unison, syncopated movement, trios, canon and contact improvisation.

Performed by The Derby High School Dance Company

Notice: When performing the song it is important that the venue in which it is being sung adheres to the Performance Rights Society for Music regulations. For advice on your licensing visit:

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