What is your job title?

Doctoral Researcher in Neuroscience

Please describe your journey into STEM?

When choosing my options in school I always followed what I enjoyed. It was no different for choosing my first degree and I went to university to study Biology. Over one summer I volunteered in a lab and fell in love with research and lab work. After that degree I did my Masters where I got to work in two different labs doing completely different projects. I enjoyed it so much I chose to do a PhD which I am currently 2 years into. Working on a single research question and experiencing the variety of techniques and experiences available in science is why I love what I do!

What is a STEM-related question or challenge you would love to solve one day?

Designing phone and computer screens that don't have a negative impact on our body clocks; so we can use screens in the evening without it affecting our sleep!

Why do you think the Great Science Share for Schools is important?

Science is all about asking good questions and then doing research to help get answers. Children are full of questions and curiosities, and projects like Great Science Share for Schools enable them to realise that this curious mind is a great thing! There's so many amazing young people who would make great scientists and may even change the world but don't pursue Science because they don't think it's for them; projects like this challenge the misconceptions and help children realise that anyone can get into Science!

What is your Twitter handle?