What is your job title?

PhD student

Please describe your journey into STEM?

Growing up, I was not aware of scientific careers; I did not know any modern scientists and I did not feel it was an option for me. I had always enjoyed reading about diseases and the human body but I did not know you could actually work with them! I discovered biomedical science when researching undergraduate courses and decided to swap my dance career for research. I studied biomedicine at Newcastle University and am now in my final year of a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University, trying to discover how the blood vessels become damaged in autoimmune diseases. This involves working in a lab every day, carrying out new experiments and guiding my own research. I find it so exciting to uncover the secrets that could actually save lives!

What is a STEM-related question or challenge you would love to solve one day?

Why does the body attack itself and how can we get it back under control?

Why do you think the Great Science Share for Schools is important?

I grew up in Salford and had no contact with scientists or any idea that someone like me could be a scientist. So I support the Great Science Share because I think it is really important to reach out to children and young people and share our stories, inspiring the next generation of scientists!

What is your Twitter handle?