What is your job title?

Software Engineer

Please describe your journey into STEM?

I started coding when I was 11, when I had my own website-blog with Harry Potter fan-fiction. As a teenager, I fell in love with video games, and wanted to learn how they are made. Eventually, I became a software engineer, making websites by day, playing games by night!

What is a STEM-related question or challenge you would love to solve one day?

I would love to solve issue of female-male ratio in computer science - we can all be great programmers, creators, testers, designers, if we want to.

Why do you think the Great Science Share for Schools is important?

It is important for students to become aware of STEM being part of our everyday lives, that anyone can do it, and how valuable it is for them to give STEM a go, in any shape or form.

What is your Twitter handle?