What is your job title?

PhD Researcher - Healthcare Science

Please describe your journey into STEM?

In school I enjoyed science, it appealed to my natural inclination to always ask 'but why?'. Biology was my favourite and I considered going to medical school and training to become a doctor, but once I was at university studying Biomedical Sciences I realised that medical research is much more than just white coats and using microscopes, so I changed direction and choose to focus on research! These days I am working on my PhD using heart scans to see how well the heart recovers after a surgery.

What is a STEM-related question or challenge you would love to solve one day?

My current goal is to answer my PhD question comparing how the heart recovers after two different surgeries for the same disease. If the heart recovers just as well in the 'key-hole' surgery that would mean that in future less people have to have open heart surgery! In the future I am not sure what question I would like to solve, as the more I learn the more questions I discover.

Why do you think the Great Science Share for Schools is important?

I think that education is key, and breaking the stereotype that there is only one type of scientist. Science is a huge and varied subject, and so are the people that study and work in it!

What is your Twitter handle?