What is your job title?

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Please describe your journey into STEM?

It was pretty straight forward, I always wanted to become a scientist. My favourite subject in school was biology so I decided to do a BSc in Biology. I enjoyed working in research so much that I continued with a MSc in Biology. I then moved from my home country Germany to the UK to do a PhD in Structural Biology and afterwards got the position of Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Manchester.

What is a STEM-related question or challenge you would love to solve one day?

How did nature evolve the biochemistry of enzymes and how can we learn from nature to design artificial enzymes?

Why do you think the Great Science Share for Schools is important?

I am passionate about showing diversity in STEM on my social media channel. During school and university I did not see that diversity was represented in academia and to me it is really important to show young people that this has changed.

What is your Twitter handle?

My Instagram account is @secret_life_of_a_scientist