In 2018 the Great Science Share for Schools has gained national support. In addition to the central event in Manchester, these pioneers represent some of those schools and organisations who have led the field in supporting young people across the UK share their science with new audiences.

All these events are by invitation only from the event organiser.

Sarah Bearchell Garsington Primary.jpg

GSS Oxfordshire

Where? Garsington CE Primary School

What?  Our children love doing their own experiments! Each class has been working on different topics. Children will be showcasing what they have discovered at an after school Great Science Share fair to which all our community is invited. Be ready to join in with their experiments and have some fun!

How many? 200 children in school, 100 parents/carers, 40 community members

Who's the host? Sarah’s Adventures in Science



GSS Islington

Where? The Great Hall at London Metropolitan University

What?  Primary school children in Islington are invited to send children to participate in our first Great Science Share for Schools. This aims to give Islington primary school children the opportunity to share their inspirational science learning. The event will be a child-led fair hosted by our local university, where the children will set up and run their own stalls. Each school will have a table to showcase something they have been learning about, involving scientific enquiry.

How many? 120 children from 15 schools, 30 adults as well as invited visitors.

Who’s the host? Jo Moore and Chloe Lister, Primary Science Teaching Trust Cluster



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GSS Bath Spa


Where? Bath Spa University

What?   Local primary and secondary schools will be involved in a table-top science fair.  Year 5-8 pupils will take turns to present to each other, explaining their science questions and investigations.  This GSS event will draw together schools who involved in the Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) and Thinking Doing Talking Science projects and teachers from new.

How many? 250 pupils and teachers from 25 schools

Who's the host? Sarah Earle and the Bath Spa ITT Team


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GSS Wiltshire

Where? Melksham Oak Community School

What?  Our 3rd Great Science Share for Schools will involve 9 schools, with pupils from Year 1-9 bringing along a range of displays and interactive science activities to share with each other. The theme this year will be ‘Activities Inspired by The Study of Famous Scientists’.  Bath University STEM Outreach Ambassadors and an live ‘Question and Answer’ Skype with scientists at The University of Manchester will add more sparkle! Winners from our Children’s Family Research Project will also showcase their entries on stage.

How many? 120 pupils and 25 teachers

Who's the host? Carole Sampey and the Melksham Science Cluster (Primary Science Teaching Trust Area Mentor)



GSS Glasgow

Where? Mearns Primary School

What?    We are going to invite 4 or 5 of our cluster schools to Mearns Primary for a Great Science Share for Schools. Primary 6 and 7 pupils (10-12 year olds) will each showcase chosen pieces of science they have done this year as well as taking part in a series of STEM challenges throughout the day. The event will be used to contribute to the schools Primary Science Quality Mark.

How many? 40 pupils and 4 teachers

Who's the host? Paul Tyler (Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow)


Great Science Share 2017 Part 1 (32).jpg

GSS Manchester - central event


Where? Whitworth Hall, The University of Manchester

What? The Great Science Share for Schools central event will invite new schools from the Greater Manchester region. Children will showcase their science investigations, also welcoming secondary pupils involved in the Siemens Roller Coaster Challenge. The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge 'Big Build - Marble Run' will also be a nail-biting experience for all. With our usual song and dance extravaganza led by The Derby High School (Bury), and showcasing of the Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge we look forward to a great event. Live streaming on Youtube will take place from 12.30pm.

How many? 500 children, teachers and VIPs, including special addresses from Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell.

Who's the host? SEERIH, The University of Manchester with teacher and pupil support from The Derby High School (Bury).



GSS Guernsey

Where?  La Houguette Primary School

What? We’ll be celebrating and sharing fascinating science learning from across our school.  Our Great Science Share for Schools will involve all the children in our school from pre-school to Year 6. It will focus on encouraging them to explore what has been learnt and inspire further learning and involvement with science.  Our parents and members of the community will be invited to share in this great opportunity with the view to encourage them to take part in interactive science with us.

Who? pre-school to Years R to 6 to adult

How many? 270 children, 24 staff, parents and community

Who's the host? Tim Le Compte representing the SEERIH Science Innovation Network Guernsey (SING)



GSS Hertfordshire

Where? Jupiter Community Free School

What? 6 primary schools from across Dacorum are taking part in the very first Hertfordshire Great Science Share for Schools.  Each school, of a variety of sizes and locations, will bring their pupils to Jupiter to share their science projects, investigations and discoveries.  With opportunities to get hands-on during the event too, the schools are raring to go for their inaugural event!

How many? 50-100 pupils from Y3 to Y7

Who's the host? Neil Jones, Principal of Jupiter Community Free School , Hemel Hempstead (supported by the Primary Science Quality Mark and the University of Hertfordshire)


Clifton Science Logo.png

GSS Birmingham

Where? Nelson Mandela School

What? The six schools involved in the Clifton Science Network are very excited to host their first Great Science Share for schools. They are planning their own ‘mini-Great Science Shares’ to identify two groups of children who will act as ambassadors representing their school at the collaborative event on 19th June 2018. Children will take the role of teachers for the afternoon and involve ‘delegates’ in investigating their science questions. A secret special guest will launch the event with a finale of a cascade of rockets!

How many? 80 Year 2 to Year 6 pupils and 15 adults

Who's the host? Clifton Science Network and Kate Redhead (Primary Science Teaching Trust Regional Mentor)



GSS Rochdale

Where? Falinge Park High School

What? Following on from the success of the 2017 Great Science Share for Schools event, pupils from Years 5 and 6, from four Primary Cluster schools,  will join with Year 7 pupils to sharing the investigations that they have worked on during the year. The theme will be 'Exploration and Discovery'.

Pupils will showcase their own work and also link with STEM Ambassadors and the school community. In particular they will focus on how their investigations are used in real life situations.

How many? 30 pupils and 6 teachers at Falinge, plus 1000 children and 20 teachers across its partnership primary schools

Who’s the host? Falinge Park High School supported by the Comino Foundation



GSS Cheshire

Where? Rode Heath Primary School

What? Following our participation in GSS for the past 2 years we are now opening our school for the afternoon to invite children from 10 local schools in Cheshire East to share their science questions and investigations with us.

All classes at Rode Heath Primary will be showcasing different aspects of scientific enquiry during an afternoon event. There will be a Crumble Controller taster session and invited representatives from local engineering companies. Ex-pupils will also share their experiences of science at High School.

How many? 300 children and 40 adults

Who's the host? Julie Wiskow and Rode Heath Primary staff


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GSS Barking London

Who? Gascoigne Primary School

What? Groups of Year 3-8 pupils from local schools will present their science investigations to each other and invited guests in a table-top science fair. They will then work with a local artist to record their experience in a large artwork for display as part of the Inspire arts festival. Schools not able to attend the main event will be encouraged to organise their own in-school science share and to contribute to a science themed art exhibition Wow! What is it? This will show the results of children exploring science through different eyes and mediums by looking closely, learning and recording the learning in different ways, enlarging, reducing images, drawing, making 3D models of any area of science. 

How many? Up to 200 children and adults

Who are the hosts? Liz Lawrence & Kulvinder Johal and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

@kulvinderj   @LizLawrence3

GSS Bradford

Where? BASF Kids' Lab

What? Leeds Trinity University will bring six partner schools along to BASF’s newly refurbished Kids’ Lab for a mini children’s conference. There will be a children’s keynote, child-led science sharing, and a presentation from each school on why science is important to them. Representatives from Leeds Trinity University and BASF are also invited.

How many? 50 children and 15 adults.

Who's the lead? BASF Bradford and Dr Leigh Hoath, Leeds Trinity University



GSS Leeds

Where? Tranmere Park Primary School

What? Children from Reception to Year 6 from Tranmere Park and Greenhill Primary School, Leeds, plus a selection of other primary schools local to them, will be showcasing their fascinating science learning and sharing their discoveries with other primary pupils and the community.

How many? 100 children from local schools

Who's the host? Angharad Pass, Kathryn Horan, Sophie Bell and Bryony Turford

@MrsPassSci    @SciKathryn @ TranmerePark

Lowerplace Phiz Lab.JPG

GSS Rochdale

Where? Lowerplace Primary School

What? Children taking part in our Great Science Share for Schools will showcase their investigation work in a science fair taking place in our hall. Year 6 students from Lowerplace and local schools will be asked to produce poster presentations and activities and every school will have their own table to share their science learning with Year 4 and 5 children. Our newly opened Phiz Lab will also be used for children to take part in practical investigation work. The event will feature schools from the Rochdale Ogden Trust Primary Partnership as well as other local schools.

How many? 300 children and 25 adults

Who’s the host? Chris Lowe and the Ogden Trust Primary Partnership

@Lowerplace  @MrLowePrimary


GSS Suffolk

Where? The University of Suffolk

What? In a celebration of primary science, children from approximately 20 Suffolk schools will gather together to share their child-led scientific investigations and scientific demonstrations with each other and other VIPs.

How many? 120 children, 60 adults

Who's the host? Claire Seeley, (a Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow)


Role play in nursery.JPG

GSS Stoke-on-Trent

Who? St. Joseph's Catholic Academy

What? Following on from successful STEM weeks, our children love rising to science and engineering challenges.  Classes will investigate, wonder, design, test and build with the theme of ‘Famous Scientists and Engineers’. The choice is theirs! By sharing their learning our 'Great Science Share for Schools' they will have chance to inform and inspire parents, carers and community members who will be invited to the event.

How many? 220 children in school and 100 parents/community members

Who's the host? Grace Marson



GSS Southampton

Where? Mathematics & Science Learning Centre, University of Southampton

What? Primary schools in our area are invited to take part in our first Great Science Share for Schools at the University of Southampton on Tuesday 19th June. Groups of 6 to 8 pupils will bring a practical science activity they have developed in school and share this with the other pupils attending. Scientists from the University will also share some of their research with the pupils during the day.

How many? 30 pupils and 10 adults

Who's the host? Colin Stevens and Sam Weston



GSS Northern Ireland

Where? Andrews Memorial Primary, County Down

What? The pupils at Andrews love their science – learning about it, experimenting and investigating. Not to put too fine a point upon it – they love to ‘show off’ as well, sharing their knowledge at various events and festivals outside school. The Great Science Share for Schools gives our senior children, plus some invited schools, the opportunity to share the variety of work they have covered this year with their fellow pupils, parents, teachers and guests. Exciting and scary – but mostly exciting!

How many? 40 pupil demonstrators, 250 pupils, as many parents as we can muster

Who’s the host? John Sandford (Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow) and the P6 & 7 of Andrews Memorial



GSS Wales

Where? National Botanic Garden of Wales

What?   Local primary and secondary schools will be involved science fair.  Year 5-8 pupils will participate in a carousel of space themed activities and present to each other, teachers and the public, explaining their science questions and investigations.  This Great Science Share for Schools event will draw together local schools from West Wales, teachers and members of the public. Scientists from University and industry will also share some of their research with the pupils during the day.

How many? 250 pupils and teachers from 20 schools

Who's the host? Cerian Angharad (Association for Science Education) and  Paul Smith (National Botanic Garden of Wales)



GSS Leicester

Where?  University of Leicester

What?  The Great Science Share for Schools in Leicester is a showcase and celebration of science that goes on in the schools in our area. Children will choose a theme, pick a scientific investigation and join in with others to share their learning together.

How many? 64 children from 8 schools with 30 adults

Who's the host? Sarah Eames, Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow and Marianne Quinsee Lecturer in Primary Education School of Education University of Leicester



GSS Central London


Where? The Francis Crick Institute

What? Pupils from schools in Camden sharing their science throughout the day with each other and guests from the Francis Crick Institute and Wellcome Trust

How many? 18 schools, 100+ pupils, plus guests,

Who’s the host? Louise Stubberfield, Wellcome Trust


EBSOC postcard front.jpg

GSS Edinburgh

Where? Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

What?  We are partnering with a local school to design and carry out their own microbiological investigations.  Staff from the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre and scientists from The Roslin Institute will be learn with pupils, celebrating hands-on experiments.  We expect lots of discussion around the questions the children have and how to make their investigations fair and robust, as well as supporting the analysis of results.  Pupils are already preparing, with small cooperative group work leading up to the Great Science Share for Schools day. We can’t wait to experience them sharing their conclusions with the rest of their school and families.

How many?  25 children in P5 with  the upper school and their families (approx. 150)

Who's the host? Burnbrae Primary School (Midlothian) and Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (The University of Edinburgh)



GSS Korea

Where? North London Collegiate School Jeju

What? Some of our children in Year 5 and 6 have been competing for the Young Scientist of the Year Award. They have posed their own scientific questions which has led to independently creating their investigations. This has taken over the last term and Dr Jon Chippindall (SEERIH Engineering Champion) had the pleasure to visit and talk with these pupils himself!  They have already hosted their own science fair to showcase their incredible work and will be proud to do this again as part of the 2018 Great Science Share for Schools. Our challenge is the time difference!

How many? 23 children

Who's the host? Ben Brett, Head of Junior School Science, with the NLCS Jeju Science Award students

jules pottle.jpg

GSS Cumnor Oxford

Where? Cumnor Primary School

What? Year 4 will host a Great Science Share for Schools so that other classes in school and their parents can find out about the science learning they’ve been involved with. Special guest, George McGavin, will be joining us for the whole day and stimulating us to wow, wonder and work scientifically with many questions and ideas to share.

How many? 200 children, 50 adults

Who's the host? Jules Pottle, Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow & Science Through Stories



GSS Ballyclare Northern Ireland

Where? Fairview Primary School

What?  Every class is going to carry out an investigation linked to one of the science skills we are developing.  The investigations will all link with current topics.  A group from each class P3 up to P7 will take part in the Great Science Share for Schools showcasing their investigation, what skill they were developing and what their investigation tells them.  They will also look for ideas from visitors to extend their investigation!  Teachers and pupils from 4 schools in our local science cluster will be invited, along with parents, governors and friends of the school....not forgetting our own pupils who will get to see what the rest of the school is up to!   

How many? 150 children, plus 40 parents and friends

Who's the host? Neil McAllister, Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow



GSS Stockport

Where? Vernon Park Primary School

What? A Great Science Share for Schools assembly will start our event with 3 groups of eight children leading it. They will launch a whole school investigation based on the theme of Wonder! The afternoon will see children set up stalls in the playground and there will be lots of sharing of science and great communication. Children from other local schools will also join us, as well as our local Sainsbury's who have also agreed to share ideas around healthy eating.  A brand new ScienceShareRocks will also be lead by upper Key Stage 2 - a unique discovery experience within our environmental area.

How many? 400 children and 50 teachers, parents and friends.

Who's the host? Sarah Dakin, SEERIH Teacher Champion and Science Subject Leader




Where? Thornton Primary School

What? SSERC and the STEAM TEAM at are hosting a Live Great Science Share for Schools SSERC_Meet on 19th June 2018 from 11:15 - 11:45.

Pupils from Thornton Primary will guide you through the science behind the O-Wing glider as your class make and test these amazing flying models in real time. Schools will need to provide their own equipment for this practical session - scissors, thin A4 card, art straws, rulers, pencils and sticky tape are all that is required. A chat-pod facility allows you to share your comments and ask for guidance. To register to be part of this contact the lead organiser directly on

 How many? 100 places available

Who’s the host? The Scottish Science Education Research Centre (SEERC), a Primary Science Teaching Trust Academic Collaborator


Kate's hill.jpg

GSS Dudley

Where? Kates Hill Primary

What?  Year 6 are going to be running several scientific enquiries. They will encourage participants to join in and experience a range of investigations.  The rest of the school and parents will be invited in during the day to take part and to hopefully discover a love of science

How many? approx. 200 children and 50 adults

Who's the host? Kevin Orchard



GSS Somerset

Where? Wells Cathedral School

What? Primary and secondary pupils will be working collaboratively on this very first Great Science Share for Schools in Somerset! Primary pupils from a local school will be presenting their science and trying out different investigations. Secondary students will develop their science leadership by designing and showcasing their own fascinating investigations. 

How many? 60 pupils, 10 adults

Who's the host? Charlotte Farmer

GSS Sheffield Satellite.png

GSS Sheffield

Where? Woodseats Primary School

What? Children from a mixed age range will be coming together from 7 local primary schools in South Sheffield.  The Great Science Share for Schools will include local STEM Ambassadors and teams of all pupils showcasing their investigations. The host school will take pride in demonstrating a range of their favourite experiments using Moti-Lab. They have come up with fun, competitive scientific challenges with the chance to win some great science prizes. 

How many?  Approximately 70 children and 30 adults.

Who's the host? Alison Swinney and the Moti-Lab team

@woodseatspri @moti_lab


GSS Bury

Where? Bury Grammar Infant and Junior Girls School

What?  All of our pupils aged 3 to 11 will be involved in a STEM Festival day - making rubber band powered cars during the week and racing these together. During the morning we have special guests showcasing STEM in our lives - including vintage cars, motor bikes, tractors, truck trailers and even a helicopter landing on the school site. Lots of questions to be asked and explored! We're getting hands on with a real engineering feel to our Great Science Share for Schools. 

How many? 200 pupils and 40 staff

Who’s the host? Mrs Rachel Hankinson



Disclaimer: All these events are by invitation only from the event organiser. The Great Science Share for Schools, the University of Manchester and affiliated partners and sponsors encourage you to be involved and create many events.  Event organisers accept full responsibility and liability for their own events.