Schools' Share - Essential Information

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This page is for teachers, schools or other groups designing a Science Share for Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Please read the information below carefully.

The Great Science Schools’ Share at the Etihad Campus is open to all Greater Manchester Schools. We are expecting a great deal of interest in the event, and therefore recognise that not all applicants may be able to be accommodated at the event.

Therefore we have come up with an application process to try and make this event as fair as possible for all those who wish to attend.

After the submission deadline on Wednesday 31st May 2017 we will be inviting a selection of schools to attend the event using the following criteria:

  • Schools must have signed up for the Great Science Share
  • Schools must have completed the online application form and risk assessment and submitted both by the deadline
  • Schools must propose science shares that inspire, enthuse and engage other learners

Event Information for GSS Etihad Campus event

Location: Academy Stadium, Etihad Campus, North Gate, 400 Ashton New Road, Manchester M11 4TQ

What will be involved?

  • children will share a science investigation that they enjoy with others
  • each school will share learning through a poster stand and an activity
  • all schools will be asked to learn and sing the Great Science Share Groove song and dance together with others at the event

We are really looking forward to welcoming you at this event. It will be a great opportunity for schools and children to exhibit their science investigations to an audience of teachers, each other, and a range of Great Science Schools’ Share supporters.

Key contact: / 0161 306 3991  

Reserve Your Place

There are 3 ways to get involved:

1. click here to reserve a place at the Great Science Schools’ Share at the Etihad Campus

Bring a science investigation to share with around 60 other schools from across Greater Manchester on 5th July.

Feel supported and don’t miss the chance for your children to be involved!

We are limited on places so the sooner you submit your application the better. Please complete as much of the application as you can, but don’t let the last few details stop you from hitting submit – we will support you to finish it if necessary. 

Risk Assessment form - PLEASE COMPLETE AND SEND


2. click here to register your Great Science Share event at your school or workplace!

Be creative and plan a school-based events – be it big or small! It can be a lesson, assembly, visitor, fair – key thing is that children share their science with others! In this way you’ll join schools right across the UK sharing science on or around the 5th July!

Register your event so we know it’s happening and can send you supporting certificates, branding and related information.


3. Do both! 

We strongly encourage schools to be involved in both the GSS Etihad event and also to host something at their school for a wider audience.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


Important information: please read carefully prior to submitting your application.


  1. All schools are asked to learn the Great Science Groove Song & Dance. This is a simple activity but is required of all children. Information will be sent to you shortly.
  2. Each school group will be provided with a display board measuring approximately 1.2 mtr wide x 1.8 mtr high. Please bring with you items/pictures/images to display. Velcro stickers will be provided.
  3. In front of each display board will be a 6 foot table for a table top activity or approx.. 4m x 4m space of grass (more if required).
  4. All activities need to be done repeatedly for short periods of time. Low resource but fun ideas are ideal. Children will be circulating the conference and will come along to experience something related to your science work this year. If you have special requirements, e.g. access to plug sockets, water etc. please let us know as soon as possible.
  5. No fire or matches are allowed within investigations or handled by children.
  6. Each school to bring eight Key Stage 2 pupils to represent their school project. Children and teacher details will need to be provided on the attached proforma.
  7. All children/teachers/carers must have had lunch prior to their arrival on site at the event. Light refreshments will be provided at the close of the conference  around 3.15pm.
  8. All medical needs of children attending will need to be taken care of by the teacher(s) in charge. Children remain the responsibility of their supervising teachers at all times.
  9. Please make the lead organiser aware of any specific children’s needs, e.g. medical or allergy related issues. It is sometimes possible that experiments where latex gloves etc. may be required.
  10. All children and adults attending must be consenting to photos and video being taken for the purpose of dissemination and publicity of the event.
  11. Please be on site for 12.00pm. You can start to arrive from 11.30am. The conference will start promptly at 12.30pm. Significantly early arrival may be problematic.
  12. All school children must be off site by no later than 4pm.
  13. Travel information for the Etihad Campus is available at  We advise you to use public transport where possible.  The Etihad Campus is well served with both tram and bus services.



For Primary Science Quality Mark schools, the Great Science Share allows you to evidence:

  • A1: There is an effective subject leader for science
  • C3: Children enjoy their experiences in school
  • D2: There are clear links to other schools/outside agencies/organisations/communities to enrich science teaching and learning.
 Sponsor of the Business of Science Conference and the Great School Science Share

Sponsor of the Business of Science Conference and the Great School Science Share